A Metal Detector Kit For Beginners Is The Best Choice To Start

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beginners metal detector kit

Choosing the best metal detector kit is a great option if you want to be an aspiring long-term treasure hunter!

A good beginners metal detector kit will normally contain headphones, a carry bag, one digging trowel and a finds pouch. To hear the oldest targets buried at the deepest levels, every treasure hunter should wear headphones specialized for metal detection.

One highly recommended pair is the Bounty Hunter HEAD-PL Metal Detector Headphones. These headphones are lightweight with dual volume controls, reinforced connectors along with a stereo/mono toggle switch, you will hear and distinguish between the different sounding metals on your hunt.

The latest pair of Bounty Hunter HEAD-PL headphones comes with soft leather ear pieces, an 8 foot long cable ear pad design plus 1/3″ mini plug along with a 1/4″ adapter.

A carry bag is a good idea to help protect your metal detector, while also making it easier to transport.
A popular choice in metal detector carry bags is the Bounter Hunter CBAG-W Bounty Carry Bag. Made from tough Cordura Nylon and reinforced stitching, this bag keeps your invetsment safe from damage. Simple to carry by the nylon handles, it was designed to provide added width at the front of the bag for detectors using larger search coils.

The reinforced stress points and rust-protected zipper make it durable along with a shoulder strap for maximum comfort.

In case you’re not an avid gardener, a trowel such as theFiskars Big Grip Trowel is a tough reliable trowel and will do the trick when digging up your finds.

Another nice trowel is the 6 1/2″ long Hori Hori Knife which comes with a leather sheath and it is actually an all purpose knife. You can dig, weed, cut and saw, all invaluable features out in the field. One side of this knife is serrated. The handle is Rosewood and the stainless steel blade extends to the edges of the handle for trength. It”s a slim line tool designed to save space. A lot of aluminum garden trowels can snap under pressure!

Any good beginner metal detector kit should have these essential accessories to make your treasure hunts fun and enjoyable.

PreviewStarters Metal Detector KitStar RatingFor More Details

Garrett Ace 350 Metal Detector Treasure Hunter Package W/Free Headphones & DVD

4.8 / 5 Stars 30 Customer Reviews More Details!
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AT Pro Adventure Pack

4.3 / 5 Stars 27 Customer Reviews More Details!
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4.2 / 5 Stars 73 Customer Reviews 4 More Details!
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Garrett ACE 350 Adventure Pack Includes Camo Pouch, Carry Bag, Enviro Cover, Coil Cover, Relic Quest Book and Clear Sound Headphones

4.4 / 5 Stars 28 Customer Reviews More Details!
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Garrett Ace 350 Metal Detector Coin Hunter Package W/Free Headphones & DVD

4.3 / 5 Stars 30 Customer Reviews More Details!
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All In One AT Gold Adventure Pack

4.6 / 5 Stars 17 Customer Reviews More Details!
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4.1 / 5 Stars 21 Customer Reviews More Details!
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1). Garrett Ace 350 Metal Detector Treasure Hunter Package W/Free Headphones & DVD Metal Detector Kit

metal detector kit

With Enhanced Iron Resolution, the Garret Ace 350 lets you control iron discrimination levels to a better degree. Doing this will clearly distinguish items worth keeping from undesirable rubbish. The new Double-D search coil allows for detection at larger depths and better performance when looking around in highly mineral-populated sites. It also provides excellent coverage over any area.

The Ace 350 is one of the best metal detectors because it also comes with a higher frequency as well as a better ability to find targets at low points. It will also pick up mid-conductivity items like jewelery and gold nuggets. The included ClearSound Easy Stow Headphones come with volume control. This metal detector also has the ability to modify discrimination patterns using 5 selectable search modes and a continuous coin depth indicator is used to measure a target’s depth.

Benefits of the Garrett Ace 350 Treasure Hunter Pack:

  • Finds treasure quickly with Higher Frequency for improved ability for detecting low / midconductivity gold nuggets, jewelry, lead relics
  • Waterproof powerful and advanced 8.5″ x 11″ Double-D searchcoil for improved detection depth and performance in mineralized grounds and increased scanning ability and coverage
  • Included are Volume Control Headphones and a Garrett Pinpointer
  • Enhanced Iron ResolutionTM: controls iron discrimination levels
  • Volume Control Headphones: precisely locates and targets treasure find for speed of recovery
  • 5 Search Modes: allows you to select pre-set discrimination or create your own
  • Coin Depth Indicator for determining target depth
  • Includes educational DVD on how to use the Ace 350

The Ace 350 Powerful new Double-D Searchcoil Is Laser Like

Any good beginner metal detector like this should be fully capable of detecting gold, silver and metals such as copper, zinc and brass. Aluminum cans also show up on the unit along with other die cast metals.

The new and more powerfully advanced waterproof 8.5″ x 11″ Double-D searchcoil gives you the benefits of searching to greater detection depths for finding those deeply buried treasure lodes, which a lesser coil can miss. You have excellent visibility through the search coil to the ground.The Ace 350 is designed to give optimal performances in mineralized grounds and wider, targeted scanning coverage.
The 350’s metre will fully assist you in determining the most likely metal to exist in the ground. This is a good thing to be aware of before digging starts. Furthermore, a 2-year warranty is packed in with the Ace 350 to cover any damaged parts and labor repair costs.

What Other Accessories Are Included?

This pack also contains an instructional DVD on how to use the Ace 350 while providing some background information on other Garrett Metal Detectors. A trowel is included to help you unearth your finds and the package incorporates a set of Volume Control Headphones, a Pinpointer, finds pouch to keep all your newly acquired treasures in and an owners manual.

So, with the Ace 350 Treasure Hunter Package, you will quite possibly be find yourself scouring around the yard picking up all the leftover relics and coins from years ago!

good beginner metal detector


2). AT Pro Adventure Pack Metal Detector Kit

The AT Pro Adventure Packcomes with a Garrett Detector Carry Bag and a Garrett Edge Digger. An 8.5” x 11”coil cover is included to protect the AT Pro’s search coil from harm. Also included, is a Garrett Camo Treasure Pouch!

The AT (All Terrain) Pro Metal Detector is waterproof for up to 3 meters and is most ideal for being used in freshwater environments. Once submerged, the AT Pro automatically adjusts its ground balance setting to the water.

Benefits of the AT Pro Adventure Pack:

  • All terrain top of the line, Garrett metal detector is waterproof down to 10 feet or 3 meters
  • Packed with exclusive new Garrett technology, The AT PRO is ideal for using in saltwater or freshwater situations
  • The AT Pro Metal Detector Kit includes Land Headphones
  • Choose from either Standard or Professional Mode
  • Comes with Garrett Camo Deluxe Detector Bag to store your detector along with a 8.5″x11″ Coil Cover, plus Camo Treasure pouch to store your treasure finds
  • Garrett Edge Digger to dig down and unearth buried treasure

What Types Of Treasure Hunting Is The AT Pro Pack Best For…

It is most commonly used for coin hunting as well as looking for jewellery, relics and general prospecting. The Garrett technology makes the AT Pro one of the top preferred choices for metal detecting veterans when competing in competitive hunts.

The Standard and Professional search modes plus improved audio features make this an even better detector to use. A nice chime sound is emitted whenever something has been detected. Coins are able to be found by the AT Pro by as much as 1ft deep on factory settings.

The Garrett digger comes along with a protective sheath which you can slip onto your belt.

AT PRO Camo Carry Bag

The AT PRO Camo carry bag is shaped and designed to be space efficient with a strong nylon 2 way zipper, and features backpack straps.

The carry bag can easily be made waterproof by purchasing some tent sealer. It is very evenly padded, making all contents fit in perfectly to avoid any damage. The bag can accommodate any 5”x 8” coil.

The Land Headphones will fit most users heads comfortably, even when users wear hats and glasses at the same time. They are soft, offer minimal head constriction with their soft and comfortable ear pads, sturdy coil and padded head strap. The volume adjustment is on either side of the head phones and is very easy to adjust.

After researching the AT Pro, you can see why the AT Pro Adventure Pack is one of the best metal detector kit for a beginner to have, as it is inclusive of everything a beginner needs for hunting without any further investment.


best metal detector to buy


3). Ace 250 Treasure Hunter Metal Detector Kit by Garrett

metal detector kit

The Ace 250 Treasure Hunter Pack can turn Treasure Hunting into an awesome experience with its many features…Garrett proudly say themselves, this is the “Worlds best Metal Detector”

A 6.5” x 9” submersible search coil along with electronic pinpointing makes for an effective, durable and waterproof design for delivering results out in the field. Features from other metal detectors were added to the 250 that come from such devices as the GTAx and GTI models.

The result is one of the most rugged and aggressive designs in the metal detector world. Custom Notch Discrimination with accurate pinpointing technology further compliments the existing qualities of the Ace 250. Sensitivity and depth settings are also included.

Benefits of the Ace 250 Treasure Hunter Pack:

  • Features incorporated Electronic Pinpointing which precisely target and speeds treasure recovery
  • Detector can be disassembled down to 3 pieces, 24″ long, for ease of travel and storage
  • Accept/Reject Discrimination: to modify discrimination patterns
  • Five Search Modes: create your own, or select pre-set discrimination
  • Continuous Coin Depth Indicator helps to determine how far down the target is
  • Choice of Interchangeable ACE series searchcoils available
  • Large LCD screen with Pushbutton Controls and with One-Touch operation
  • Accessories include: adjustable arm cuff and Garrett 1612500 Treasure Sound Headphones with (1/4″) size headphone jack, instructional DVD, owners manual, digging trowel and batteries
ACE 250 METAL DETECTOR TREASURE HUNTER PACK BY GARRETT Outdoor, Home, Garden, Supply, Maintenance
Depth detection is excellent! Easy to operate with a large, fantastic user interface control panel, the Ace 250 has been carefully optimized to detect coins at great depths. This is enhanced further with the inclusion of Garrett’s TreasureSound Headphones that give you a clear indications to the existence of a find.

The Treasure Hunter metal detector kit from Garrett comes standard with a treasure pouch for easy storage of all findings. Digging tools are included for easy, stress-free excavation, while a training DVD helps to make sure you know what you’re doing.

Finally, an arm strap is included for added comfort and the detector runs on AA batteries with a total of 4 included within the pack.

The electric pinpointing on the Ace 250 will help you to precisely locate your targets in the quickest amount of time. Discrimination patterns can be adjusted to meet your specific needs. Batteries are monitored by the 250’s Battery Condition Indicator.

The detector’s Target ID Legend has been expanded to make for easier reading on the Ace 250’s perfectly-sized LCD. Its push-button controls allow for an easy use and employ 1-touch operation technology.

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4). Garrett ACE 350 Adventure Pack Includes Camo Pouch, Carry Bag, Enviro Cover, Coil Cover, Relic Quest Book and Clear Sound Headphones

metal detector kit

A good beginner metal detector kit packed with the stand-out features of the Ace 250, this beauty comes with a powerful 8.5”x11” PROformance submersible Double-D Search Coil. The detector also has a greater frequency and an enhanced iron discrimination feature.

Benefits of the Garrett ACE 350 Adventure Pack:

  • Electronic pinpointing for precise target location and treasure recovery
  • Enhanced Iron ResolutionTM: allows more control of iron discrimination levels; helps separate good targets from adjacent junk iron
  • Powerful and advanced, the waterproof 8.5″ x 11″ DD search coil offers improved and greater detection depth and performance in mineralized grounds
  • 8.5″ x 11″ DD search coil provides a bigger scanning area. Ground visibility is not obstructed by the Double D coil
  • Higher Frequency Function helps you to detect low- and mid-conductivity items faster: such as jewelry, gold nuggets & relics
  • Five Search Modes: select pre-set discrimination pattern or create your own – Continuous Coin Depth Indicator: to determine target depth
  • Includes the newest Garrett Clear Sound, In Line Volume Control Head Phones valued at $92-plus an arm strap, owners manual, Instructional DVD, Camo pouch, carry bag, Enviro cover, coil bag, Relic Quest book and batteries

Everything You Need as A Serious Beginner Treasure Hunter…

Thrown in with the Ace 350 Adventure Pack is a pair of Garrett ClearSound Headphones with rotating ear pieces and featuring in line volume controls which normally retails at $92. A set of quality head phones designed for metal detecting allows the detection signals ring clear for the user.

A detailed owners manual complete with graphics is included with easy-to-follow assembly instructions, pictures and how-to-use directions. To help avoid user arm fatigue and make a comfortable treasure hunt, an arm rest strap is there to help you support your arm on those long digs. If you are still lost on how to use the Ace 350, an instructional, step by step DVD is enclosed to clear up any misunderstandings from reading the manual.

AA batteries (4) are also included and the Garret Ace 350 comes with a free 2-year warranty to cover any problems if they occur.

The camo pouch eases the stress of safely finding a place to store all newly discovered treasure from gold coins, jewelry and old relics from Roman times…..

This metal detector can be broken down into a 24″ length to be stored away inside the included carry bag whenever it comes time to pack up and added enviro and coil covers provide further protection when your Ace 350 is not in use.

The Garrett Ace 350 Adventure Pack is exceptionally-priced with the inclusions and offers maximum value in its utility and performance. Lightweight and ergonomically designed for both beginners and professionals, hours of fun can be had while hunting with the Ace 350 and the rest of its kit contents!

good cheap metal detectors


5). Garrett Ace 350 Metal Detector Coin Hunter Metal Detector Kit W/Free Headphones & DVD

metal detector kit

The Garrett Ace 350 Coin Hunter Package metal detector kit contains one of the best metal detectors ever designed and manufactured.

Treasure hunters have unearthed found vintage items like tax tokens from 1935, and another was able to detect a shotgun shell head from 1913. Dimes, pennies and nickels can be detected over 8” deep. Desert expeditions and beach finds are just some of the preferred locations that owners of the Ace 350 like to go. The detection is so precise that it will even tell you the type of coin that’s detected!

Benefits of the Garrett Ace 350 Coin Hunter Metal Detector Kit:

  • Higher frequency helps you detect both the smaller gold nuggets and items as well as those large targets
  • Electronic Pinpointing works to quickly and precisely locate buried targets for faster recovery
  • The Ace 350 works precisely to detect low- and mid-conductivity items such as jewelry, gold nuggets, all metal and relics
  • Enhanced Iron ResolutionTM offers improved control of iron discrimination levels by separating good targets from close by junk iron.
  • New and advanced powerful8.5″ x 11″ DD search coil finds buried treasure at greater depths and has a bigger scanning area
  • Performance is excellent in discriminating in mineralized grounds
  • Five Search Modes:choose by creating your won search to suit the ground conditions or use the pre-set discrimination function
  • Continuous Coin Depth Indicator shows the depth to target
  • Accessories include: Garret’s ClearSound Easy Stow In Line Volume Control with rotating ear pieces headphones, arm strap, digging tool, Cordura Treasure Pouch, training DVD and Owners Manual, 4 AA Batteries

The Ace 350 Is Perfect For Beginners or Professional Hunters

After 15 hours with the best metal detector kit, you will quickly start to get the vibe of the Ace 350. The included carry bag sits comfortably on your hip while you traverse grasslands and river bed for leftover relics.

The trowel is a great addition to the Coin Hunter Package. It should be stressed however to take care and not let it snap on tough grounded roots. The instructional DVD by Garrett really gives treasure hunters all the information they need to get the most out of their Ace 350.

For some people added targeted detection saves large amounts of time. It is recommended people buy a pin-pointer such as the Garrett Pro-Pointer AT (1140900). This will also increase the trowel’s longevity because accurate digs using a hand held pinpointer don’t require lots of ‘wrong location digs’. The original AA batteries will last over 14 hours on the Ace 350.

There have been many metal detector enthusiasts living in old homes who have tried out their metal detecting kits in the house and garden. The Ace 350 has helped many of them in getting more out of their historical homes than they originally thought possible! One person found a 1913 shotgun shell head, an 1895 oil bottle and a 1935 tax token. The many uses of a quality metal detector…..

 metal detecting tips for finding old coins


6). AT Gold Adventure Pack: Good Beginner Metal Detector Kit

The AT Gold Adventure Pack is one of the most versatile detectors from Garrett Metal Detectors and comes with complete with a set of the excellent quality Garrett Land Headphones. The Land Headphones feature soft ear cups and a padded head strap for extra comfort when wearing for long periods of time out in the field.

The AT Gold Metal Detector is one of the best, all terrain metal detectors to use a 5”x 8” PROformance DD Search Coil that can be submerged underwater in freshwater. The ‘Deep-Seeking True All-Metal Mode’ demonstrates excellent performance standards. It’s so good, the detector can be used to cover almost any terrain!

Benefits of the At Gold Metal Detector:

  • All terrain metal detector for wet- freshwater- and dry situations and can be used in water up to 10 feet or 3 meters
  • True All Metal Mode brings you the deepest detection depth with high sensitivity on the smallest gold nuggets
  • Includes Garrett Land headphones valued at $54.00
  • Powerful new waterproof 5″ x 8″ Double-D searchcoil provides greater depth of detection and performance levels in mineralized grounds
  • Higher Frequency of 18 KHZ for enhanced ability to detect low and mid-conductivity items such as lead relics, jewellery and gold nuggets
  • Electronic Pinpointing works to precisely locate targets for faster recovery
  • Accept or Reject Discrimination: to modify discrimination patterns – Five Search Modes: select pre-set discrimination pattern or create your own
  • Accessories include: Garrett Edge Digger with sheath, Garrett Camo Treasure Pouch with adjustable belt, Garret Deluxe detector Bag, Garrett cap and a 5″ x 8″ coil cover

Where Can The AT Gold Metal Detector Be Used By Beginners…

The AT Gold is waterproof for up to 10ft, which makes it have high utility when prospecting around lakes, rivers and creek beds. The Gold will also detect the presence of coins, jewellery and most other relics commonly stumbled upon by modern units.
It is not recommended for use in saltwater however, the only exception for the AT Gold’s ‘all terrain’ signature feature; but, still works great in freshwater locations.

Unlike the AT Pro, this metal detector works on an 18 kHz frequency that allows it to detect for tiny nuggets of gold. Owners have told of finds buried as much as 10-12” below ground! The larger any object is, it will show up to be deeper on the AT Pro display.
More reasons for why The Gold Adventure Pack is possibly the best metal detector kit

The kit also offers a Garrett Deluxe Detector Bag that will keep your AT Gold safe and protected for the next use. The famous Garrett Camo Treasure Pouch paired with an adjustable belt is there to give you the perfect place to store your finds.

The 5”x8” coil cover will keep your search coils from damage and the Garrett Edge Digger along with its sheath will help you unearth your prizes.

Another candidate for ‘Best Metal Detector Starter Kits’ has everything needed for a good beginner metal detector to work at optimum performance.

People owning this metal detector have reported finds of up to 7 coins in 15 minutes that other detectors have been known to gloss over.

metal detector kits or plans


7). Ace 150 Metal Detector Treasure Hunting Metal Detector Kit

The Ace 150 Treasure Hunting Package includes another good beginner metal detector that works with 1-touch treasure hunting functionality. Right out of the box, the Ace 150 is one of the best metal detectors, pre-adjusted to account for minerals like iron. Because of its 1-touch system, the Ace 150 is a perfect fit for beginners of any age to get their start on.

Benefits of the Ace 150 Treasure Hunter Package:

  • Large LCD screen to see information at a glance with Target ID Legend
  • 3 Search Modes for Coins, jewellery and all metals
  • Simple to use push button controls with One Touch Operation
  • The ACE 150 can dissasemble down to 24″ long for storage
  • Coin Depth Indicator determines distance to target depth
  • Low Battery Indicator: screen icon remains on when as batteries lose strength
  • Garret’s TreasureSound Headphones and Headphone Jack: quarter-inch (1/4″) size
  • Interchangeable ACE series give you searchcoil options
  • Accessories include: Adjustable Arm Cuff, Garret’s TreasureSound Headphones, Owners manual, Instructional DVD, Trowel for digging, Cordura Treasure Storage bag

Accessories In The ACE 150 Metal Detector Treasure Hunting Kit

This Treasure Hunting Package is filled with goods like Garrett’s TreasureSound Headphones and your standard digging trowel. A treasure pouch is included for hunters to carefully keep all their finds safe and sound, while a training DVD will introduce beginners to the basics of a typical expedition and what to expect. For further education, an owner’s manual is provided as well.

Extra comfort is achieved by the inclusion of an arm strap to ease muscle strain and 4 AA batteries are added to let any treasure hunter go for hours with the Ace 150 right from purchase!

The 6.5”x9” PROformance Search Coil is made with a waterproof design to give it longer durability. This metal detector also stands out with its high sensitivity settings and overall performance. Furthermore, all this is achieved by incorporating a lightweight design!

Light weigh and intuitively easy to use, the Ace 150 features a detailed, large-sized LCD screen that lets you swiftly alter all the pre-programmed modes of search to match your needs.

The Ace 150 is also engineered to have 3 depth levels with 4 types of sensitivity settings. Identification of targets is audible and gives the user a clear signal whenever they come across a find. Targets are also presented graphically on the LCD screen to assist people in pin-pointing treasure.
The Ace 150 Treasure Hunting Pack is definitely a great metal detector kit for beginners with its many benefits.

If you are looking to spend time outdoors coin hunting, exploring ghost towns for relics, searching for old jewels caches, down at the beach of trawling fresh water lodes for gold,or even competitions, the ACE 150 Treasure hunting kit come highly recommended.

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A good Quality Metal Detector Kit Is Perfect For A Treasure Hunting Adventure

A beginner’s metal detector kit is a perfect way to dip your toes into the world treasure hunting. Garrett Metal detectors produce a wide and varied range of metal detector kit perfectly suited to the beginner as they contain all your basics you will need to start.This takes the concern of “what do I need” a way.

A good beginners metal detector kit will include your metal detector, a comprehensive “how to” DVD, a set of headphones, a bag or two to store both your metal detector, and your treasure finds, a knife and some kits will include a pinpointer. They are all very reasonably priced and do make a great present for grandparents to give their grandchildren but overall a perfect way for a beginner to start out on the treasure hunting adventure without having to buy all the extras.

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