Going Metal Detecting With Kids

metal detecting with kids is a great hobby to get outdoors

In today’s world, nothing beats metal detecting with kids. And although technology ( iPad’s, mobile phones, computer games) are a wonderful thing and it can be a great baby sitter, do we really want our kids to miss out on experiencing the great outdoors? 

 So, what can we do about this? How can we combine technology with outdoor fun, that will create a fun and exciting activity for our kids? Well, if you find yourself wondering what the answer to that question is, maybe taking the kids off for a day of treasure hunting, exploring and having fun is the answer!  Let’s talk about metal detectors!

Going Metal Detecting With Kids – Why Get a Metal Detector for Your Child?

You’re probably thinking, why a metal detector, and do they even make metal detectors that kid’s can use? Well, they do make ones for kids, and you’d be surprised by all of the wonderful reasons your child will love them! As a fun and rewarding hobby, metal detecting is a great activity for just about any child. Even going gold panning for a day is a fun hobby and a good way to get kids interested. Detecting is educational. It also encourages curiosity and being outside more.

Heading off for a day metal detecting with kids can be a great way to spend time together and enjoy some awesome outdoor fun. You’ll be surprised by how keen they’ll become to ditch their video games and go on a treasure hunt with you. Especially when they find something….

Where Can You Go and Explore with Your Metal Detector?

You can take your metal detector almost anywhere you can think of. You can begin in your own backyard, if you’d like. If your neighbors or friends allow you to explore in their yards too, feel free to check it out.

Public Spaces

Most public places are safe to search; parks, hiking trails, schoolyards, churches, old homes, battle sights, beaches, etc.

Beach Detecting

Beaches can be particularly fruitful, as many people tend to lose jewelry or coins on the beach. Beach metal detecting with kids is very rewarding as they’ll start finding treasures very quickly with the sheer amount of things that are dropped at the beach. You must be careful about where you are letting your child explore though. Private property is a big no-no!

Many government-protected areas are also off-limits. So, make sure that before you go off and explore with your child, you ensure the area is open to the public and safe to play around in. You could be charged a hefty fine if you wander into an area that may be off-limits.

How to Find the Best Metal Detector?

You will find many children’s metal detectors available, but it can be difficult to work out which ones are real metal detectors and which ones are just toys. In fact, quite a few parents end up buying the toy types, not realizing that they did so. It can be a bummer and make your child lose interest in the activity before it even really begins. So, ensuring you’ve got a real one is a good start.

Check The Size Of The Detector

First, you want to make sure that you get your child a metal detector that is specifically for children.  Why is this? Because these are adjustable and are made to fit their height and how much weight they can handle.

Adult Models Are Too Big And Heavy

Adult metal detectors are heavier, they are longer, and they end up being extremely difficult for a small child to use. There are some entry-level adult metal detectors that may work just fine for older larger kid who are taller.

Kids Detectors Are Smaller And Lighter – And Just As Functional

Most entry-level, adult sized  metal detectors are very lightweight and easy to hold. But experts recommend sticking to a child’s size until your child is taller and older and can capably handle a larger size machine. You’re much better off sticking with the children’s one. Metal detecting is great for all kids over 8 years old. Ages 14 and up can easily handle the adult metal detectors.

How Much Do They Cost?

Now, the next thing you want to pay attention to, is the price. Just about any children’s metal detector under $100 is more likely  to be just a toy. It will either be a silly pretend prop, or it will work on such a low level, that your child could easily get bored with it, really quickly because they won’t find anything.

You Get What You Pay For

When it comes to metal detectors, you tend to get what you pay for. That doesn’t mean you’re going to have to break the bank though. In fact, many great models are moderately priced.

Take the Bounty Hunter Junior T.I.D, for example. This is a fantastic children’s model, one of the best on the market, and it costs about $450. You will find different kinds have all different kinds of features, so you’ll best shop around to find the one you think will be the best fit for your child.

Research Is Key To Finding The Best Kids Metal Detector

Lastly, you will want to do your shopping around ( research)  before you buy your child a metal detector. Not only does price play a factor, but every machine will have different features. So, you definitely don’t want to just pick one at random, or the cheapest.Everyone will end up frustrated and out of sorts and that’s not the aim of going metal detecting with kids!

Important qualities that you are going to want to focus on are; lightweight design, easy to use, durable, pricing, and that it isn’t just a toy and is actually capable of detecting metal. By spending a little time researching, you’re bound to find the perfect model for them.

There are some excellent books on metal detecting available. They cover how to get started, what you need, different types of detectors for different situations, what to take, what to look for and more.

What Treasures Can You Find with Your Metal Detector?

There really isn’t a limit on what you might find when you’re exploring with your metal detector. Some of the most common finds are simple things; hairpins, earrings, bottle caps, necklaces, coins, and nails.

But even small things like these can still be fun to find. But maybe you’ll get really lucky with your metal detector and come across a valuable antique.

A 13-year-old boy from Albuquerque, New Mexico, actually found a 2-pound meteor with his metal detector! Back in 1977, in California, someone discovered what is called ‘The Mojave Nugget’ which is said to be the largest gold nugget ever found with a metal detector. It has been valued at a whopping $400,000!

So, there really is no telling what you and your kids might find!

What Are You Waiting For? Time To Head Off And Go Metal Detecting With The Kids

Now is the perfect time to invest in a metal detector for your child. Spending time with our kids is precious, they grow so quickly and before you know it, they’ll be adults.

Catch them while they are young and with some luck, heading off for a day or a weekend will catch their interest, making it a rewarding hobby they’ll grow to love. It is a wonderful opportunity to go metal detecting with kids to learn, to explore, to have fun, and make memories that will last a lifetime! We wish you all the best of fun!

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