3 Best Sand Scoops For Metal Detecting In Dirt Or Sand

best metal detecting sand scoopOne of the most useful, practical and valuable accessories you will want to add to your treasure hunting toolkit is the best sand scoop for metal detecting.

These are the perfect companion for using along with a beach metal detector as they will perform tasks quickly and efficiently. The benefits: saving you time and effort when scouring any piece of beach or lake shore.

Features to look for in a metal detecting sand scoop include:

  • Strong, sturdy construction
  • Brightly colored for ease of location
  • Sifting holes for quick recovery
  • Comfortable handle for long use
  • Portable size for easy packing

Sand Scoops

Brand Name

Star Rating

More Details

Garrett Metal Sand Scoop

4.5 / 5 Stars

SE Green Plastic Sand Scoop for Treasure

4.5 / 5 Stars

Stainless Steel Beach Sand Scoop with Handle

4 / 5 Stars


1) The Best Sand Scoop For Metal Detecting: Garrett’s Sand Scoop

The Garrett Metal Sand Scoop is possibly one of the best metal detecting beach scoops in the marketplace when Garrett came out with this product.

In addition to being a pretty good metal detecting scoop, it has features that make it the the best metal detecting sand sifting scoop you will want in your collection of accessories.

It has a padded, ergonomically shaped  handle which means long shifts spent scouring the beach will be easy on your hands The tough metal construction ensures long life and durability. And, you will find the sifting holes are big enough to remove sand but not hidden treasures.

Online reviewer of the Garrett Metal Detecting Sand Scoop rate the scoop highly, based on it’s design, durable construction and user comfort. You’ll find the scoop works best at the beach for quick recovery in sand. It’s probably not as useful on dry land as its not designed for use for sifting dirt. We recommend you rinse the scoop in fresh water after use at the beach or in saltwater.

The best way to use your Garrett sand scoop at the beach is to first use your metal detector or pinpointer to  locate treasure such as coins, jewellery etc. Another great way to get kids involved and improve their finding skills, is to play maths games at the beach…Once you have the signal, then you can use the scoop to carefully sift sand to reveal what your signal has alerted you to…

2) SE GP3-SS20 Green Plastic Sand Scoop for Treasure

SE manufacturers probably one of most popular and the better quality plastic metal detecting scoops you can buy.

It is in a forest green color and mesures 8.5-inches in length. The plastic construction makes it lightweight and does not create false signal interference with metal detectors.

It is as easy to use as any other sand scoop, you dig into the sand where you have identified a target, scoop up sand and sift it away until your treasure is revealed…

People generally like this scoop, noting that for an inexpensive plastic sand scoop, it works extremely well. And, it’s comfortable to use. It is also a useful tool for those who metal detect underwater along beaches as it does a great job of digging and sifting wet sand.

The best way to use the SE GP3-SS20 Green Plastic Sand Scoop is to scoop up the sand and sift to reveal treasure. Or, you can run your Pinpointer over the contents before sifting, just in case there is an item which is so small, it falls through the holes…Here is a fun story about the artist who “maybe”buried £10,000 worth of gold at Folkestone in Kent. His act sparked a massive treasure hunt in town. Read the fun story here.


3) Stainless Steel Beach Sand Scoop with Handle

Detector Experts make this metal detecting scoop kit from sturdy stainless steel, making the unit extremely strong and durable.

The best beach sand scoops have a larger bucket. This hand held sand scoop has a 9.85-inch long bucket that is 5.12-inches wide  for easy and quick sifting. The manufacturer says this metal detecting beach scoop is lightweight and easy to pack for traveling to your target search areas.

The beach scoop is designed so that when you identify a target, you just drag the scoop into the sand and pull it towards you in order to sift. It is an innovative and comfortable way to work sandy beaches. Although there is only one handle, you can go to the hardware store and buy a long handle to put in. Secure with a screw and then you won’t need to get down on your knees. Especially useful if you have a sore back, or, are older and bending down is not a pleasure!

Online reviewers point to the size of the scoop as a plus. The construction is not as sturdy in the minds of some consumers who say they have found these to be a bit more flexible than expected. Otherwise, they are still good items to have as part of your treasure hunting tool kit.

Jim’s Final Thoughts On Buying The Best Sand Scoops For Metal Detecting

Metal detecting sand scoops are tools designed to make searching beaches and other sandy locations easier than using a shovel and sifter. As the average sand scoop contains a wall of sifting holes, you just scoop and shake in order to search an area where you have identified a potential target with your metal detector. While the average treasure hunter will spend only a fraction of their time searching beaches, you may want to consider this as to the value of a beach scoop in your collection of accessories.

We highly recommend you have at least one of them in order to make beach searches go by quicker and easier. The three products reviewed here are the choices we have made as we consider them the best metal detecting sand scoops based on construction, quality, price, and value. As metal detecting sand scoops go, these are the ones we suggest you look at when you explore beaches for treasure.

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