4 Best Metal Detecting Books For Beginners: Find Treasure Today

Best Metal Detecting Books, A Beginner's Guide to Mastering the Greatest Hobby In the WorldPicking out the best metal detecting books for beginners you can buy today will help improve your prospecting successes and save You Time … So you have your metal detector and accessories but what about one of the best metal detecting books? Sure, many of the higher end detectors and beginner detector kits have manuals but what if you really needed tips from the experts? The best gold prospecting books have all the tricks and information you need to get the most out of your hobby to make it fun and rewarding. Keen to check out the most popular metal detectors for beginners?

Metal detecting books worth adding to your reference library should include:

  •  Photographs and illustrations showing proper techniques
  • Step-by-step instructions on the care and use of your metal detector
  • How to keep records to track prime treasure locations for revisiting
  • Other research methods in libraries, museums before going into the field
  • What kinds of sites to search and which ones to ignore
  • Online resources to enhance search potential

1) The Best Metal Detecting Book For Beginners: A Beginner’s Guide to Mastering the Greatest Hobby in the World

Mark D. Smith, a veteran “detectorist” and treasure enthusiast has shared years of experience with his best selling book, Metal Detecting: A Beginner’s Guide to Mastering the Greatest Hobby in the World – his second – full of valuable metal detecting tips. It is actually written with the beginner in mind, but reveals incredible amounts of great information on how to be a smart treasure hunter.

It covers such territory as terminology, the different kinds of metal detectors, understanding how they operate and how to get the most out of yours. Smith even covers etiquette, how to identify jewelry, gold and how to actually hunt and recover those finds.

It is quite easily one of the best metal detecting books for beginners and many online reviewers agree. The book offers detailed content, presentation and the value of the tips published. We feel this is a must-have book for all metal detector owners and essential reading for every metal detecting beginner. If you are taking kids off metal detecting, this is a great read to get them understanding the basics.

If you’ve spent hours trawling the internet looking for the right information that makes sense and becoming frustrated with the many conflicting sources online, grab this book. As well as being a fun and humorous read, the author is clearly passionate about metal detecting.


2) Metal Detecting for the Beginner

Researcher and technical writer Vince Migliore’s book Metal Detecting For Beginner is one of the best metal detecting books with the sheer detail and content in the pages of this guide. He covers the basics of metal detecting including the all important terminology, then digs deep into the science involved in finding real treasures.

There’s information on target identification, phase shifting and everything the first time treasure hunter will need to know to help them find something worth their effort.

Online reviewers credit this as one of the best gold prospecting books for setting the standard on how to discriminate different targets and for having an extensive reference list of metal detecting accessory suppliers, manufacturers, suppliers and online resources. The online resources list hobbyist websites to help the reader learn more from those already experiencing the excitement of treasure hunting.


3) Metal Detecting The Beach

You’ve seen them out there – metal detectors getting dragged along a beach early in the morning. Well, there is an actual technique that can turn the ordinary beach into a daily search and recovery of treasures.

As we mentioned previously, Mark Smith, yes, he is a treasure trove:) of information, is considered one of the foremost experts in the world of metal detecting and he shares his vast knowledge and his experience on what works in Metal Detecting The Beach.  While not really suitable as a metal detecting for kids book, there are many easy to understand tips most kids will get. Plus kids enjoy hanging out at the beach and what better way to spend a day doing something where you can be successful each time you scour a beach….

This is one of the most comprehensive and best books for metal detecting on the beach which is packed with practical, sensible and brilliant tips available. Online reviewers talk about the value of the secrets shared by the author and the volume of information that can save both beginners and experts’ time and energy. This is one of the reference books you should have in your home library when it comes to waterproof metal detectors, which one to choose, beach etiquette- very important and those all important insider tips. Mark writes with such an easy to ready style and his humorous sharings of his own experiences and observations make his books stand out from the crowd of other ‘How to metal detect’ books.


4) How to Research for Treasure Hunting and Metal Detecting

Written by Otto Von Helsing, (not related to the vampire killer:) a researcher and seasoned professional treasure hunter and field explorer for years, has shared his knowledge in this book, How to Research for Treasure Hunting and Metal Detecting, teaches you the background you need if you are looking for specific treasures. What makes this one of the best metal detecting books is that the author provides you with the techniques to use to conduct proper historic research into a target area.

This is a more advanced treasure hunting book suited to the treasure hunter who wants results. If you are prepared to do the research to boost your chances of finding a decent haul, this is an excellent book to guide you. You’ll find even experienced researchers and treasure hunters will find useful tips. A great deal of this book is dedicated to major cache hunts, not lost jewelry or coins.

Van Helsing is big on doing real research before you head out. It doesn’t cover the basics of how to detect once you get out in the field. The book’s main emphasis encourages you to find a site with great potential for treasure hunting success.

The processes and techniques are those designed to boost your chances of success and less time digging up trash! The tips include how to use libraries, museums, online and document resources and additional tools to make your hunts more productive. Online reviewers give this treasurer hunting book top reviews as the targeted information makes this a valuable volume to use for any target search.

The quality of the historic data research tips are tremendous and produce results. This is another book we highly recommend as being in your collection of the best metal detecting books for beginners and finding treasure.


Final Thoughts On The Best Metal Detecting Books…

While the majority of metal detectors are easy to understand and easy-to-use, the real productive treasure hunters are those who are hunting wisely. In order to get that competitive edge, even if you are still new to the hobby, your best bet is to use reference books. There are a number of them on the market and we consider these 4 the best metal detecting books for beginners available and well worth buying to improve your skills and knowledge.

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