Find Gold Faster: The Best Gold Panning Kit: Gold Rush Nugget Bucket

As the best gold panning kit goes, the Gold Rush Nugget Bucket is one that is pretty awesome. What you really need to know is this: this is the best gold panning kit which is not only an excellent starter kit for the beginner, it is just as good for a seasoned pro.

This is a unique patented design which is exceptionally clever and will bring a lot of people a great deal of pleasure. Even more impressive, it comes recommended by the Gold Prospectors Association of America (GPAA) and takes the hassle out of finding even the finest gold particles…

It’s So Simple Even The Kids Can Use The Gold Rush Nugget Bucket To Hit Paydirt!

The best gold panning kit set features a patented “fluid bed concentrator” system that uses two different size screens to filter the sand and dirt you load into it. The working part of the system relies entirely on gravity.

How Does It Work?

You fill it with the dirt / materials you wish to pan, add water and wait for it to do its magic. The water gets pulled down through the sand and dirt which forces it into the filtration screens. The screens separate different sized material.

What ends up in the bottom of the gold pan bucket is fine particles which may result in gold flakes or nuggets or other such valuable finds. The screens are in a funnel that feeds the material through and captures waste rock.

The fine sands that make it to the bottom of the bucket are what you would then pan thoroughly in your gold pan, revealing the nuggets hidden in the pay dirt. This is one of the most inventive panning kits as it eliminates a lot of the time you would have spent panning to those fine sands.

Benefits of the Gold Rush Nugget Bucket:

  •  Available in 3 great colors: yellow, pink for the girls and camouflage
  • As seen on the popular ABC’s “Shark Tank,” program
  • Endorsed and highly recommended by the Gold Prospectors Association of America (GPAA) for every age groups
  • Designed from eco-friendly, high-quality and durable components and weighs only 7 pounds
  • Quickly finds and concentrates even the finest gold with the patented “fluid bed concentrator” design
  • Utilizes 2 different screens to quickly filter materials to find gold
  • It’s so simple even the kids can do it! Simply scoop dirt, pour in water, and let gravity do its work in hitting paydirt for the whole family
  • Includes detailed instructions of how to use the Rush Nugget Bucket


As Featured On ABC Tv’s Shark Tank And Endorsed By The GPAA

The kit has also been endorsed by the Gold Prospectors Association of America (GPAA) and was featured on ABC-TV’s ‘Shark Tank” program that resulted in a deal made with Robert Herjavec.

The best gold panning kit also comes complete with a hand shovel to assist with filling the filter, a water pail to make filling it with water that much easier, tweezers, a magnet, suction bottle and vials for keeping your finds.

Add to this a complete instruction manual and you have one of the best gold panning kits available.

What Do Buyers Of The Best Gold Panning Kit: Gold Rush Nugget Bucket Say?

82% of Online reviews verify the quality of this product with consumers who have purchased this kit reporting success. The ease of use and complete set of materials that come with the bucket are noted in online reviews as pluses. The kit is made of long lasting and high-quality plastic and weighs just seven pounds.

If you are tired of spending a lot of time in the field sifting through waste just to get to the fine sand, this is the best gold panning kit to save you time and increase your productivity! For more information, click here

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