what is a pinpointer and how do pinpointers work

What To Look For In A Pinpointer Metal Detector

Pinpointer metal detectors are among some of the more useful tools to help you search for buried treasure. Pinpointers are small, handheld metal detectors that help you pinpoint the precise location of your target. They cut down the time that you spend digging for treasure, allowing you to cover more ground. Do you know what Read More »

metal detecting with kids is a great hobby to get outdoors

Going Metal Detecting With Kids

In today’s world, nothing beats metal detecting with kids. And although technology ( iPad’s, mobile phones, computer games) are a wonderful thing and it can be a great baby sitter, do we really want our kids to miss out on experiencing the great outdoors? So, what can we do about this? How can we combine Read More »

4 Best Gold Panning Kits With Everything You Need

Gold panning kits are a fun way to start to pan for gold in streams. They are a simple and inexpensive way learn how to find gold, read the lay of the land and an excellent way for kids to get started. Panning is a great way to spend a day or two out in nature away from the every demands of life. Read More »

7 Best Metal Detectors For Beginners Reviews

Do you know what you need in a detector as a beginner? These 7 metal detectors from Garrett, Bounty Hunter, Fisher are units which are the best choices for getting started immediately. All of these detectors are very reasonably priced, durable & good quality units. They all include instructions to get started and used by 1000’s of people of all ages. Read More »

3 Best Metal Detecting Pinpointers For Fast Targeting

Who wants to dig ever larger holes trying to find treasure? The beauty of any of these 3 Garrett Pro Pointer metal detectors is they make locating treasure simple. Plus you can use the edge digger to work around your object and cut away roots & lever out stones. These highly directional and portable metal detecting tools offer a detection tone alert to the exact location, eliminating false alarms. Read More »

4 Best Metal Detecting Books For Beginners: Find Treasure Today

A good book is a handy resource to have at your finger tips. These are the 4 best metal detecting books I can recommend when you are a beginner. These cover the basics you need to know in depth. Which are the best metal detectors for beginners for different situations in the field, where to look for gold, what to do when this happens, plus trouble shooting tips and tricks Read More »

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