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I have always loved the whole adventure, the anticipation and the excitement of going gold detecting and treasure hunting. When I was little, my dad would pack up our car with camping accessories and metal detecting gear, throw us kids in the back and off we would go for an adventure….We never knew what we would find!

best metal detector for kids, old oneSometimes we would go down to the beach and spend some hours walking the beach to see what we could find. We found coins, jewelery, old bits of metal which we would puzzle over as to what it was and other bits and bobs. Sometimes we would find a lot and sometimes it would be very little. We would sit around the camp fire and inspect our finds with much joy as as we ate our dinner .

As I became older I grew to really appreciate the whole experience of detecting from the anticipation of planning a weekend away in often deserted areas to the actual detecting itself. There is the very special about spending time in the great outdoors where time slows down and the busyness of life straight away. And there is just nothing that beats that anticipation of hitting the jack pot, the thrill of what is it I have found, is it something large or something small …something super valuable or….

I have used many metal detectors over the years, some I loved because they were such a pleasure to use and some were a waste of time. I decided to share my experiences and I have also researched in depth the best metal detectors for various uses, whether you are a beach detector, the best detectors for beginning or for kids and more.

If you are going to start detecting, you can read our reviews and make a good informed decision on which i s the best metal detector for your needs.

Jim Gold Panning In The River

Resting after spending the afternoon in the river

Jim in dry areas








Freinds gold panning with us

Jim with his trusty metal detector











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