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The Why Of Metal Detecting

Using a metal detector to spend a day outdoors to find treasure has motivated people for years. But why do people actually go detecting? For many being out in the field and finding treasure of any kind is a particular buzz. For others, the thrill of the hunt and unearthing ancient historical artifacts is a huge drawcard.

For a relatively small cost to get started, you can head out tomorrow to find items of all types. And the buzz of finding hidden items is enormous.

Over the years we have found all sorts of items from worthless all the way to special treasures. The initial outlay on detecting gear is more than paid off in treasure finds and the fun to be had.

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Let's Chat About Detecting

These are a selection of the most popular articles people enjoy reading. Looking at buying a pinpointer? We cover 3 awesome Garrett pinpointers, plus a what to look for when buying a pin pointer guide.

Sand scoops are an overlooked detecting accessory in a treasure hunters kit. They are invaluable for sifting dirt and sand, leaving treasure behind. Plus, we’ve included our ever popular guide on when to go gold panning if you’ve bought a gold pan kit

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What Are Coils?

Best Sand Scoops

When To Go Gold Panning

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